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Let We end by saying, It is an exceptional exciting when you have a prolific, bravery, benevolence brothers and sisters like that of Tigrai people who’s our memories of Tigrai legacy will never be obliterated.

An intrigue is the common stories that they are exchanging.

One of the brilliant ladies asks her colleague, what would you say our beloved brothers and sisters of Tigrai deserves to honor? it is very hard or impossible to get words to express my acknowledgement but we can ascertain to everyone… On the other hand one could never fail to see women’s singing songs to express their gratitude and to thank Tigrai people, also elders are preying the almighty to ask for Tigrai people to guarantee his bless.

Waxaa inoo cadaatay in ethiopia ayna shacabka soomaalida ogadeenya ina arxan u hayn ee ay dabargoyn sharafeed iyo mid nololeedba ku hayso.

Ogadeenya shirarka noocan ah ee ay sida joogtada ah ciidanka gumaysigu u qabtaan ee Sabsabaa(shir)ugu yeedhaan waa kuwo aan dhamaad ujeedo midna lahayn, marka laga reebo ku xadgudubka sharafta umada & cadaadis joogta ah oo gumaysigu ku hayo shacabka.

No war of world stratigics, Oil & Gas, money for blood banks for control.