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Mishil eventually deduces her identity and devises sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, eventually accidentally assassinating Cheonmyeong.

She was the wife of Lord Sejong (a Sangdaedeung), the lover of General Seolwon and Bidam's mother.

The invincible warrior forever remembered by history: Late in blooming, this genius finally comes into fruition to shine.

Reședința oficială a șefului statului în perioada comunistă, Palatul Primăverii are și astăzi o mulțime de secrete.

O parte dintre acestea au fost dezvăluite de Mircea Oprean, cel care a fost căsătorit cu Zoia Ceaușescu.

Dacă la exterior pare o vilă decentă, interiorul edificiului ridicat în urmă cu mai bine de 75 de ani este un adevărat labirint, cu zeci de camere.


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    Getting around in my leg braces on crutches is slow and I’ve fallen many times.

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    The various databases containing 198 million records on American voters from all political parties were found stored on an open Amazon S3 storage server owned by a Republican data analytics firm, Deep Root Analytics.

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    In de afgelopen eeuwen zijn we uitgegroeid tot de grootste familie van Friesland. Speciaal voor u geselecteerd, passend bij de thema’s en actualiteit van de Leeuwarder Courant.